Apr 6, 2013

Mashed potato with roasted garlic and fresh parsley

   Mashed potato! Just a simple, homy and always tasty dish because of roasted garlic and fresh parsley from my window-sill garden. Now it's too difficult to surprise somebody by this garnish, but when I was a little girl mashed potato was considered to be a number-one dish though we cooked it without garlic addition, but always served with "milk" sausages - and there was a little holiday for every eater. It was cooked just like a speciality dish regardless of the event. And I'm not kidding: due to my mom's culinary skill mashed potato was always exceptional - I mean particularly fluffy and creamy - and everyone required the double-portion.


   As times goes by mashed potato became to be forgotten. Unfairly, as for me. Heaven knows it's my guilt because I spoiled my honeys by exotic meals :) Now it's time to remember the previous fave and cook a good old fashioned dish but with a modern touch.  
   Mashed potato with roasted garlic and fresh parsley is a real yum-yum. Do you still think that it is too simple? Yes, it's simple but believe me there is something attractive in this simplicity. Or better convince of it by your own, for example, at this day dinner.

 Simple mashed potatoes with roasted garlic and parsley

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