Feb 2, 2014

Chocolate and honey madeleines

   The smell in my kitchen is just like in a bakery! It won't be a surprise if my neighbours attracted by the wonderful aroma are about to knock at my door. The source of killing flavour is in front of you.

Madeleines with chocolate chunks and cocoa powder

   As for me chocolate madeleines are very festive cookies. They are beautifully shaped (like small shells!) and taste divine and very popular among kids and grown-ups. If you are a big chocolate cookie fan I strongly recommend you to wear you apron and bake the cookies right now! Don't worry if there is not special baking mold among your kitchen tools. Simple muffin cups are good substitute. Be sure it won't influence the taste :)

May 5, 2013

Apple and cinnamon cheddar cheese pies

   What a nice day! Everything becomes brighter and warmer and I feel harmony and happiness. Let the Easter be full of joy and goodness. I wish you love for your family, friends and relatives. Happy Easter!
    We celebrate the Holiday with traditional food. Except kulich, Paskha and colored eggs I usually bake easter pies. They are with juicy apple and cinnamon filling and sugared crunchy crust. The pies are so appetizing that I'd like to grab one just from the picture. And what about you?

 Easter pies

Apr 6, 2013

Mashed potato with roasted garlic and fresh parsley

   Mashed potato! Just a simple, homy and always tasty dish because of roasted garlic and fresh parsley from my window-sill garden. Now it's too difficult to surprise somebody by this garnish, but when I was a little girl mashed potato was considered to be a number-one dish though we cooked it without garlic addition, but always served with "milk" sausages - and there was a little holiday for every eater. It was cooked just like a speciality dish regardless of the event. And I'm not kidding: due to my mom's culinary skill mashed potato was always exceptional - I mean particularly fluffy and creamy - and everyone required the double-portion.


   As times goes by mashed potato became to be forgotten. Unfairly, as for me. Heaven knows it's my guilt because I spoiled my honeys by exotic meals :) Now it's time to remember the previous fave and cook a good old fashioned dish but with a modern touch.  
   Mashed potato with roasted garlic and fresh parsley is a real yum-yum. Do you still think that it is too simple? Yes, it's simple but believe me there is something attractive in this simplicity. Or better convince of it by your own, for example, at this day dinner.

 Simple mashed potatoes with roasted garlic and parsley

Nov 25, 2012

Stewed Cabbage with Lentil and Sausages

   Hi there! Almost a month passed since my last post here and plenty of lovely events have happened in my life. I celebrated my 22nd birthday, finished the first part of my qualification project and took part in food photography contest that was organized by StockFood group located on Facebook.
   I'd like to say much thanks to my friends and relatives for their sincere words and congratulations. The best present is to know that you're not alone.
   At the beginning of November I got a long-awaited letter from my teacher. She approved of the first part of my diploma work. By the way it was connected with my own project devoted to food and cooking magazine. It was only a trial version but maybe someday we will see it on the shelves of popular supermarkets. Oh, my dream!
   Meanwhile it becomes colder and colder outside - it's time to cook warm and copious dishes. What is your favourite one?

Stewed Cabbage with Lentil and Sausages

   What are you guided by while choosing the dish to cook for daily family dinner? I like simple and tasty dishes that don't require too much time to cook. Of course, they must be from common products that you can find in every supermarket. Stewed Cabbage with Lentil and Sausages is a perfect example.

Stewed Cabbage with Lentil and Sausages

Oct 12, 2012

Walnut Muffins with Cinnamon Streusel

   If you decide to bake something delicious, remember: make at least two portions. Now I know it exactly after a big mistake connected with muffin baking. Are you ready to listen to my story? Let's begin.
   I am a student. Every student dreams about two things - tasty food and sweet sleep. Or vice versa - first sleeping and then have a delicious meal.
   Our university canteen food is not too bad but ... I cook better (yeah, I'm a very modest girl :)). So it's better to cook something at home and bring to university. It's real happiness not only for you, but also for your friends - they will certainly get a piece of some delicious goodness, won't they?

Cinnamon and walnut muffins
   But sometimes food cooked special for such occasion doesn't come to its destination - I mean my mates plates. This happened two days ago with walnut muffins. While baking they smelt wonderful. The walnut and cinnamon aroma was spreading all over the flat arousing members of my family. Next morning I opened the fridge and found out that the muffins had vanished. To be honest I couldn't believe my eyes but the plate was empty, even without any crumbs. I bet somebody had the best breakfast, ha-ha :))

Walnut Muffin with Cinnamon Streusel

   If you like walnuts and cinnamon you will fall in love with these muffins from the first bite. I'm not kidding! They are absolutely tasty, soft and airy inside, but with crumbly crust and funny crinkles on the top - it's no a surprise why they vanished immediately.
   Today I've baked them one more time. Double-portion, of course. The first one was eaten in a minute but the second ... the second was waiting for you, guys. Help yourself!

 Walnut Muffins with Cinnamon Streusel

Oct 7, 2012

Chocolate Souffle

   Hooah! I made a souffle and now feel like a hero. This is my first attempt to cook it and I'm really glad that everything is OK (and the products didn't go to the rubbish basket!).
   I decided to begin with the chocolate one because I'm crazy about chocolate and everything connected with it. Must admit that this souffle is one of the best chocolate goodness. The dessert is soft and airy inside, but with crispy crust sprinkled with cocoa powder. It is so magic to break the velvet crust with a spoon and spoon up the smoothy filling.
   The souffle melts in your mouth immediately leaving the rich dark chocolate flavor. 

Chocolate Souffle

   You need only plain ingredients to get a perfect result. But remember: the products must be fresh and good-quality. It is prettier to cook the souffle into small pots - the flavor seems to be better but you can use one big baking dish - I promise it will be the main hero of the dining table.
   And one more thing: so charming to watch how the souffle becomes higher and higher in the oven.

Sep 26, 2012

Beef and Guinness Stew

   I bet Irish cuisine dishes will be incredibly popular among the members of my family this winter. The weather forecast predicts freezing weather with strong winds and heavy snowstorm. Brrrrr....I'm shivering from only the thought of it!
   Why Irish cuisine? For its copious and comforting dishes made from plain products which you can easily find in every supermarket. Nothing can be better. No doubt.

Beef and Guinness Stew

   I've decided to prepare for the cold season beforehand and started with Beef and Guinness Stew. It is said that beef stewed in Guinness is very tender and becomes more delicious next day. And it is the absolute truth! I must say that it will take several hours to cook this stew. But it is worth waiting! Tender beef with fine Guinness flavor is a real comforting meal. Don't forget about the garnish. Potatoes or buckwheat will be the best.

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